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The Vision Thing

W e don't just build websites, we build web strategies to help your site succeed in today's social world. If you have a concept for your relaunch, we'll make it a reality. If you don't, that's what we're all about.

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The Latest Web Technologies

W e use the latest technologies -- HTML5, CSS3 -- as well as libraries such as jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap and LESS -- to make your website future-forward (while making it backwards compatible).

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At Your Service

W e recognize that there are moments and times when either lightening strikes or an opportunity presents itself -- and sometimes it isn't always predictable. We're willing to drop (almost) everything to help you succeed.

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WooTickets Attendee List

Wootickets Attendee Lists

The Wootickets Attendees List plugin by Buzz Web Media goes a long way towards remedying the missing attendee list functionality, offering the ability to add/manage attendees based on the number of tickets being purchased. However, the one thing lacking is the ability to easily view attendees in the WordPress Admin and also to receive Attendees lists in the Admin email receipts (or customer receipts for that matter).Read More

Let's get specific


Search - SEO

I n the competitive space, search rankings are everything.  Even on the simplest websites we build, we give you the coding foundation you need to rank the highest your content allows (including making sure your site loads as fast as it possibly can in your hosting environment).  We’ll also make sure your current mojo follows you as we relaunch your website.

In highly-competitive niches such as E-commerce, we can provide extra SEO services while coaching you on content best practices.



M ore and more websites are being accessed via mobiles and tablets, and that will only grow.  We’ve been building mobile-optimized sites since 2009. Depending on the specifics of your site and visitors, we can offer either separate mobile-optimized versions of your website or responsive versions of your website, where the same site appears differently on different devices (like this one).

Modern Media - Before YouTube

Digital Video

W e’ve been encoding video for the web since 1999, and audio before that.  We kinda know our stuff.  There are many advantages to hosting the media yourself, including branding, content protection and selective permissions.  We work with the best Content Delivery Network (CDN) in the business to make sure your media loads as fast as possible wherever your visitors are located.

If you want to serve your video from YouTube or Vimeo, we understand – there are many reasons to do this or even offer a combination of the two. We’ll help you take advantage of those services to make sure your videos reach the most eyes (and ears) they possibly can.


Communication S ure we’re geeks, but that doesn’t mean we don’t speak English. We can take the complicated realities of today’s web and communicate these in ways you’ll understand. We won’t try to intimidate you or use technical jargon to let you know how smart we are. We’re also available by phone and email to make sure you’re always in the loop.

Artists At Work

Artists At Work

W e’re not just tech guys, we’ve got the liberal arts in our DNA.  When it comes to design, professional copy editing, photography, audio and video, we offer top quality services.

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  • Thanks for being so easy to work with. Sometimes I get frustrated when I can't get a "straight" answer or in some cases any answer at all. Not the case with you. You always answer my questions and respond quickly. I really appreciate it--especially since I'm such a "non-techy" person.

    Janet Fisher, FilmFest liaison to the Alliance Française de Kansas City

  • That is just splendiferous! I love the new design!

    Jerry Rapp, CinemaKC

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