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Woocommerce – Easy Free Downloadable Product Samples

For the new, we wanted to give away a 10-minute guided breath meditation, to give people who are unfamiliar with his Yoga Nidra CDs/MP3s an introduction. And we wanted to give it away free – free as in really free, not as in ‘give us your email address’ or ‘like us on Facebook’ and we’ll give it to you. That’s not free.

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Events Calendar Pro

Duplicating Events in The Events Calendar

Simply install and activate “Post Duplicator”, then go to the list of events. Mouse over the event you’d like to duplicate and the edit navigation will pop up under the post title —click ‘duplicate event’ and you’ll be on your way.

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Fever Quick Start Guide

Unless you live in a Faraday cage, you’ve probably heard about Google turning off the Google Reader servers on July 1. Whether or not this has affected you is debatable—some say RSS is dead, or at least dying, while to others (myself included) it’s a vital part of our connected existence.

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