Beaver Builder: Automatic Date in Footer

Never want to spend another New Year’s Day updating copyright dates in website footers? Good.

Add this function to your WordPress child theme’s functions.php file:

// Add shortcode to output the year for footer
  function ci_footer_year_shortcode() {
  	$thedate = date('Y');
  	return $thedate;
add_shortcode('ci_output_year', 'ci_footer_year_shortcode');

If you’re using Beaver Builder’s default footer, you can then add the new shortcode in place of the year:

// Note: remove the spaces before/after the brackets
© [ ci_output_year ] [ wpbb site:title ]. All Rights Reserved.

The same shortcode will work in other themes of course as well… and as the comment says, be sure to remove the spaces before/after the brackets in order for the shortcode to work.

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