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Relevanssi - A Better Search

Using Relevanssi “Did You Mean” for 404 Pages

Create a better 404 page experience for your visitors, with the help of Relevanssi’s “Did you mean” functionality.

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Wootickets Attendee Lists

WooTickets Attendee List

The Wootickets Attendees List plugin by Buzz Web Media goes a long way towards remedying the missing attendee list functionality, offering the ability to add/manage attendees based on the number of tickets being purchased. However, the one thing lacking is the ability to easily view attendees in the WordPress Admin and also to receive Attendees lists in the Admin email receipts (or customer receipts for that matter).

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ErrorDocument 404

Handling 404 Error Messages For Live WordPress Site Development

One line in the .htaccess file redirects all 404 pages back to the site root — the Seed Prod coming soon page. By letting the server deal with these 404 errors rather than WordPress, we get something working now, while also future-proofing the development.

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