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John Vosler

John Vosler is a Los Angeles-based Yoga Nidra (“Sleep Yoga”) teacher, bodyworker, and much more.  His practice was growing, and he needed to take his site to the next level to match, using not only a functional website but also modern marketing methods to regularly reach out to his clients and students.  The main website requirements were a calendar of his teaching events across the world, as well as an …Read More

Lucidera Schisandra

John Niernberger interviews Brandon Amalani on the benefits of schidandra berries and on Lucidera’s own quite unique product. Interview recorded April, 2013 and produced by Conscious Images® LLC. Download .mp3: Lucidera: Schisandra Interview  

Shen Blossom LLC

ealth Gurus Brandon Amalani and his wife Natalie turned to Conscious Images® LLC early on in the process of creating their membership based health site dedicated to offering the highest quality health products and supplements at the lowest prices. The result is a Magento site at first offering a unique subscription-based members-only site (unique for Magento Community editition, the Enterprise Edition offers this functionality out of the box), but soon …Read More