Shen Blossom LLC

[dropcap_one] H [/dropcap_one] ealth Gurus Brandon Amalani and his wife Natalie turned to Conscious Images® LLC early on in the process of creating their membership based health site dedicated to offering the highest quality health products and supplements at the lowest prices.

Shen BlossomThe result is a Magento site at first offering a unique subscription-based members-only site (unique for Magento Community editition, the Enterprise Edition offers this functionality out of the box), but soon growing into a two-tiered membership and public site.  How we did it will soon be (if it isn’t already) a tutorial topic on this site.

While not unique, the site also contains an advanced affiliate program to reward current members with store credit, and also a program for members to sell to each other.

We also developed a WordPress site to be the front-end for community and marketing efforts.  That site is still growing.  Future efforts will be directed towards bridging the two sites to optimize the community experience.

MagentoIf you’re a health geek, check out for the highest quality at the lowest prices.  If you haven’t guessed, we’re members too!