John Vosler

Homepage - John VoslerJohn Vosler is a Los Angeles-based Yoga Nidra (“Sleep Yoga”) teacher, bodyworker, and much more.  His practice was growing, and he needed to take his site to the next level to match, using not only a functional website but also modern marketing methods to regularly reach out to his clients and students.  The main website requirements were a calendar of his teaching events across the world, as well as an e-commerce section to sell his growing list of Yoga Nidra CDs and new digital downloads.

As is almost always the case recently, we immediately discussed WordPress, which offered everything he wanted and more.

John has a great sense of style, and the site was always going to have to look good and function well. The site was built with a custom Studiopress’ Genesis child theme, running WooTheme’s WooCommerce (+ Stripe) and’s Events Calendar Pro for the functionality he needed. We’ve used both since their very beginning.

John had asked for some customizations of Woocommerce’s shopping cart functionality—first was integrating one-click downloadable product samples, which was pretty straightforward, then more complicated was customizing the products page and also the add to cart functionality. Blog posts to come on those last two, as there isn’t much online currently.

Visit his site at, and if you’re feeling a bit stressed do the 10-minute guided meditation embedded right in the footer. We guarantee you’ll notice the difference… then when you’re back at it, go ahead and sign up for his mailing list. 🙂