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Hydra and Trusii molecular hydrogen tablets

My Molecular Hydrogen Journey

Consuming molecular hydrogen is becoming a thing among those interested in health and fitness, and I wanted to share my own personal experience over the last 7 months.

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Fever Quick Start Guide

Unless you live in a Faraday cage, you’ve probably heard about Google turning off the Google Reader servers on July 1. Whether or not this has affected you is debatable—some say RSS is dead, or at least dying, while to others (myself included) it’s a vital part of our connected existence.

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Create New Text File in Folder on OSX Lion

I’ve been wanting to find a solution to create a new text file in a folder on Mac OSX for a while… ages actually. Some people don’t seem to need this, but I do it all the time — I’ve got a folder open and I want to add a quick note to the folder.

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Moe’s Notes and Journler

On my iPhone I use Moe’s Notes. Love it. Does what I need it to do. Evernote offers conveniences and some terrific features but I like to keep my data close to home.

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ELA Lives!

One of our favorite plug-ins — Extended Live Archives — though long-neglected has recently risen from the dead thanks to Jason Hansen at Archives are one of the lesser-developed aspects of WordPress, and this plugin, while years old, still hasn’t been improved on in terms of simplicity and function.…

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We love to Shopp

Back in September, a client needed an e-commerce solution for WordPress MU that had some specific requirements: it had to handle both PayPal and Google Checkout, had to support digital downloads and intangeables as well as physical goods with various tax and shipping options, and it had to be secure…

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