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By and large I’ve given up on radio unless I know the station (KKFI here in Kansas City, KCRW in LA, WKCR in New York). On a recent road trip though I was passing through Nashville while on the phone with a friend and he told me to turn on the radio—so happy he did. I not only discovered WRVU but I tried the same thing in Atlanta and discovered …Read More

Mere Guru Dev

KD is coming to KC. Last time around we didn’t go. It was billed as a “concert” and held in (admittedly beautiful) Unity Temple on the Plaza—not in a yoga studio or high school gym, places where we’ve had previously the pleasure of joining him in kirtan. This time it’s billed as a kirtan—and though the location hasn’t changed we got ticket numbers 3, 4 and 5. Mere Guru Dev …Read More

Tortoise Regrets Hare

  Loved Fife-based James Yorkston’s gorgeous track “Summer Song” when it was first released, and we’ve happily just rediscovered him, in particular this lovely song. Reminiscent of Bonnie Prince Billy… Visit MySpace to listen.